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Wills Week – knowing your loved ones wishes

Do you know your loved one’s wishes?  At Cam Schroder Lawyers Yeppoon it’s our job to know your loved ones wishes. Wills and estates are one of our key areas of expertise.  At The Public Trustee Queensland their core business is also wills.  Their recent Wills Week, put a spotlight on the importance of taking stock of our wishes in advance life planning. “Wishes Change” was the key focus for the Queensland Public Trustee campaign.  It’s important to review our wishes, wills and estate planning often and to share that information with the most important people in your life.

At Cam Schroder Lawyers we want to capture your wishes and those of your nearest and dearest and document them in a will and/or an estate plans.  We want to help you prevent any difficult and stressful conversations when you’re gone.

Why not start a conversation about advance life planning with your mother, father, brother, sister, partner or significant other today?  The conversation can be as easy and simple as;

“I’m not sure, what would you like us to do in the event that you pass away?”

“Do you have a will?”  is a great place to start.

To keep the conversation going here are 5 questions you can ask:

5 Advance Life Planning wills and estate questions to ask

  1. What are your funeral wishes? Do you want to be buried or cremated?
  2. How would you like your estate shared?
  3. Where is your will held? Who is your solicitor?
  4. Who would you like to care for your children?
  5. Who are your close friends and family to contact?

Conversations about dying and what comes next are never easy, but they are so important.

Keep having the difficult life after death, advance life planning conversations throughout your life with those who count.  It will help the people closest to you to know what you want when you’re gone.  The passing of close family and friends is a highly emotional time and having your wishes clearly set out, will help save them additional grief or emotional distress.

As The Public Trustee Queensland says Wishes Change, make sure you know the wishes of those closest to you.

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