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Did you know the approved reasons to end a tenancy are changing?

Are you getting ready to sell your rental property?

Did you know the approved reasons to end a tenancy are changing? There are new rules set to come into effect in the next few months around owners and renters’ obligations and rights.  One of the rules that will apply to sellers of rental properties is the Changes to approved reasons to end a tenancy.  The new rules, starting 1 October 2022, give new grounds for owners of rental properties to end tenancy agreements including change of use or sale or preparation for sale of the rental property that may require vacant possession.  Read more about it HERE.

Managing Partner Leonie Davey says the rules and laws around the rights and obligations for property owners do change and it pays to make sure you’re up to date with those changes.

“Good property management teams will pass on legislation changes to their owners, but it also pays to stay on top of the changes yourself.

“Subscribing to newsletters like Rental Tenancies Authority (RTA) and Real Estate Institute Queensland (REIQ) is a good idea,” Leonie said.

The most recent changes to Rental Property Owner Rules include:

  • Residential Contract Changes HERE
  • Smoke Alarm Updates HERE
  • The Residential Tenancy Authority even have a podcast that you can subscribe to HERE [caption id="attachment_583" align="alignnone" width="300"]Residential Tenancy Rules are changing Residential Tenancy Rules are changing[/caption]

Did you know the approved reasons to end a tenancy are changing? Selling a property can be stressful, staying on top of the changes to rental property ownership will take help take the surprise out of the process.

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