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Settlement funds clear quickly with Cam Schroder Lawyers

Cam Schroder Lawyers clear property settlement funds quickly. Cam Schroder Lawyers specialise in conveyancing and in particular the online electronic conveyancing system, PEXA.  Whether your property settlement is big or small, the proceeds from your property sale will be in your bank account within 20 minutes for the small cost of only $880 cost to you.

Choose e-conveyancing and your money will be clear, transfer and stamping complete within minutes of your settlement. Simply whether you are the buyer, seller or real estate agent you won’t wait for a cheque to clear and finalising same-day purchase and sales will be a breeze.

Let us review your contract before you sign it. This small investment in time could pay dividends in delivering you the right outcome and our fees are only payable following a successful settlement.

Cam Schroder Lawyers clear property settlement funds quickly. Gone are the days when you would wait for the printing and delivery of bank cheques to solicitors and banks, now settlement funds clear quickly, within 20 minutes or so in fact, leaving you free to use that money to settle other properties or to invest in your future.

Don’t be left waiting for cheques to arrive by mail and humans to deposit the money into your account, call us today and find out how we can clear your property settlement funds quicker with PEXA.

Now you’ve got the time to organise the removalist, buy your new furniture, and book the cleaner! 

Conveyancing and property purchase and sale advice

Maybe you’re only at the beginning of your purchasing or selling property and you need advice?

What is joint tenants or tenants in common? Should the house be in one partner’s name or both? Should I go guarantor for my children? What does land tax liability, insurance, pest and building reports, transferring or gifting, transfer duty and title lodgements even mean?

We can help you with advice and action on all of these conveyancing matters and with successfully settling your property.

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