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Stop the spread of COVID-19
DRIVING into the office at 4am I was listening to the radio and South Australia has closed its border with Victoria and the news report said there were 4km of trucks banked up.
This is a tough line but it is in response to the disaster of public health in Victoria.
I am aware that businesses are getting crippled with the border closure but public health must come first.
One of the most worrying things in Victoria is a nursing home that has a lot of elderly people and about 80 have got the virus.
The other worry is the infighting between the government and the medical system and the politicians blaming each other.
Sydney is really in trouble because of the nature of the spread of the virus.
Sydney is experiencing community transmissions and authorities don’t know where it’s coming from.
In third-world countries like Indonesia – and it’s a good time to stay away from Bali and the Philippines – the disease is rampant.
A friend of mine said that in Manila they said there was 160 cases but in his view it was probably 16,000!
Today, a teacher in a private school south of Brisbane has contracted the virus.
The teacher has travelled up from New South Wales.
This is where public officials have to man-up and take a tough decision for the safety of the elderly in our communities in Queensland.
My doctor said the virus just eats away at the lungs of people but the very elderly are hugely at risk.
It’s time to close the border of Queensland and stop the spread of COVID-19.
There can be a positive out of this. We must promote tourism and Business in Queensland. Have a holiday in Queensland – Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Central Queensland or Far North Queensland.
We can create a bubble that’s safe and we might have direct flights to and from New Zealand.
Victoria has gone into a hard shut down for at least 6 weeks. One expert said that for every week shut down there will be at least 1 week recovery. That’s 3 months of economic doom.
We have to take the teaspoon of cement and harden up the Queensland border.

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