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WHEN you look at the news you see countless negative stories about the COVID-19 and how it’s radically affecting the world and in Australia, particularly Victoria.
What’s the capital of Victoria?
Answer: $100!
Just a silly little joke but they’re in trouble and will be for the next 12 months.
Here in Central Queensland our economy is booming.
Victorians are buying houses, sight unseen, and we have a buoyant property market.
Here we have new businesses starting up.
Down at the Railway Hotel, 144 people can sit down and they’re regularly being booked out.
And outside the Strand Hotel, I see a big queue of people waiting to go in.
The Vue restaurant is booked out for six weeks and there’s a new wine bar going into the Echelon building.
There are new businesses starting up.
Great Keppel Island is completely booked out on weekends for accommodation.
And there seems to be an enormous number of people in our town.
Go Yeppoon!

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