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New Drink Driving Laws in Queensland

Did you there are new Drink Driving Laws in Queensland ?

There are new Drink Driving Laws in Queensland that came into force in September 2021. Now if you’re pulled over and your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is 0.10 or more you’ll have to get an Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device (Interlock) fitted to your car at a cost of $3000 or more to you.  This means you’ll need to blow into the Interlock and register 0.00 to start your car.  If you don’t want the device put in your car, you can’t drive for 5 years.

A new drink driver education program is also in place.

What happens if I drink and drive and and my blood alcohol is over 0.1

What drink driver education program will I need to complete if I’m charged?

Every Queensland driver who has a drink driving conviction will have to do an online education program.  The program you need to complete, depends on your drink driving conviction.

  1. Foundation Plan. Drive. Survive course – this is an online course. If you don’t do this course, you won’t be able to get a license for 5 years.  EVERY DRINK DRIVER whether 0.059 or 0.19 will have to do this mandatory online course.
  2. Comprehensive Plan.Drive.Survive course – for drivers who have convictions for two or more drink driving offences this multi part course will have to be done.

Before Friday 10 September 2021, interlocks were installed in the cars of repeat drink drivers, and high-range/risk drink drivers.  Your driving disqualification was for 2 years and the program was time based (12 months).

It’s easy to see why governments are cracking down on drink driving.  Drink driving makes up 20% of all driving offences in Queensland. It’s also one of the fatal five behaviours that causes injury and deaths on our Queensland roads.

What are the fatal five behaviours?

  1. Drink Driving
  2. Distraction
  3. Speeding
  4. Fatigue
  5. Unrestrained behaviours

What happens to your passengers when you’re over the limit?

According to a recent study by The Centre for Accident Research & Road Safety – Queensland (CARRS-Q) the casualty’s crash risk doubles when the driver has a BAC level even slightly over 0.05 and the possibility of the crash being fatal increases dramatically too.

Law Practice Director Cam Schroder says it’s easy to see why the Queensland Police are focused on cracking down on the Fatal Five behaviours including drink driving.

“More than 500 people are seriously injured, on average, on Queensland roads each year, on top of that 50 people lose their lives.

“These numbers are tragic.  We all need to be really aware of the new drink driving laws and to think about how many lives are changed when someone’s hurt or killed on our roads,” Cam Schroder said.

“The Drink Driving penalties will drain your wallet, they can take your license and much more than that, it would be great if we all could drink wise.”


Drink Driving Penalties (QGov)

Drink Driving Penalties in Queensland

What happens if I drink drive and I’m 0.1 or over?

If you’ve been charged with drink driving, call Cam Schroder Lawyers on 07 4925 0229 for confidential advice.  Early morning and after work appointments are available and fees for Drink Driving start from $110 for an initial appointment and $3,300 for representation.


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