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Lawyers regain access to aged care

Thanks to Queensland Health changes, Covid 19 vaccinated lawyers regain access to Aged Care residents.

The change in legislation gives legal practitioners the opportunity to visit their clients for services and advice that can only be given face to face.

Anticipating the need to protect our older generation, the partners at Cam Schroder Lawyers Yeppoon are fully Covid 19 vaccinated and have been for some time.

Principal of the practice, Cam Schroder said being based in the local community, they were looking forward to getting back to doing what they do best.

“Before Covid restrictions, we often visited aged care facilities to help our clients with their wills, powers of attorney, estate planning and advanced care directives, and other legal services.

“It’s encouraging to see Queensland Health making this amendment to the visiting rules in aged care facilities.” Cam said.

Older people often have a range of interconnected legal issues that they need help with.  A mix of issues that can include wills, powers of attorney and unfortunately sometimes abuse, exploitation and family law issues.

Lawyers regain access to aged care

5 top legal services accessed by aged care residents

  1. Wills
  2. Power of attorney
  3. Advanced health care directives
  4. Estate Planning
  5. Family Law

Face to face visits provide peace of mind to older persons when they need to seek legal advice. It’s important for practitioners to focus on breaking down the barriers to the legal system that may seem daunting and complicated to older people.

To avoid this, practitioners focus on providing legal advice and information in simple terms that can be easily understood and are affordable and accessible. Conducting legal services this way puts older people who need advice at ease.

At the moment, legal practitioners are still unable to visit other facilities under Covid 19 restrictions including hospitals and disability accommodation.

Cam Schroder said they were looking forward to the day when all of the access restrictions to older persons were rolled back.

“The rules seem to change a lot regarding Covid 19 but it’s great to see these practical new legislation changes coming into effect.” he said.

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