Did you know early advice essential in compensation claims?


Early advice is essential in compensation claims.  If you get the right advice quickly from a law firm like Cam Schroder Lawyers, it can mean… 

Drink Driving laws are changing


Did you know the drink driving laws are changing? At Cam Schroder Lawyers Yeppoon, we keep up to date with the drink driving laws.  If… 

Wills Week – knowing your loved ones wishes


Do you know your loved one’s wishes?  At Cam Schroder Lawyers Yeppoon it’s our job to know your loved ones wishes. Wills and estates are… 

Cam Schroder Lawyers Yeppoon is expanding


Cam Schroder Lawyers Yeppoon are expanding. We have completely refurbished office, two business partners and seven employees. It’s a thriving practice. A team of local… 

Settlement funds clear quickly with Cam Schroder Lawyers


I get really annoyed with the Banks. When I lodge a big pile of documents to get money out of an account of a deceased… 

What is the difference between a Power of Attorney and an Advanced Health Care Directive?


THERE may be a time when you need a document to bash over the head of your doctor! If a lawyer gets told a horrific… 

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