My name is Cam Schroder

I am a local solicitor who attended both Yeppoon State School and Yeppoon State High School. I qualified as a solicitor in Brisbane and returned to Yeppoon and practiced as a solicitor for a local firm for a period of 18 years and then opened my own firm in Yeppoon in 2005.

ESTATES – When someone leaves a will it’s called an estate. Sometimes the solicitor will need to take out PROBATE. This is the formal proving of the will. It’s needed to access super, transfer houses, get money out of banks. We are experts at this. Done quickly and professionally, this can minimise the grief of the death in the family. The first appointment is $110. Sometimes that is all that is needed and we download the forms you need.

CONVEYANCING – The buying and selling of a house is conveyancing. So is the purchase or sale of land. For a fixed fee of $880 GST inclusive plus outlays, we can take all your worries away and the transaction will go through smoothly.

CRIMINAL LAW – Usually it is one of three things: 1) no criminal conviction, which kills job options and overseas travel. 2) minimise the penalty, and         3) keep you out of jail.

DRIVERS LICENCES – a tricky area of the law, but we pride ourselves on our expertise. $110 gets you the advice to know the options.

Please do not hesitate to contact my office on 07 4925 0229 if you have an enquiry or email us below.